Our discord community has grown to more than 27,000 members in the past several of months. We are delighted to invited our Co-Founder & CEO Wilson Wei to join us in our second Community Call AMA to bring more updates on our project and answer any questions.

General Questions

Q: What is CyberConnect?

Wilson: CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps decentralized applications to bootstrap network effect and personalize social experiences. We are building the infrastructure for Web3.0 decentralized applications to build and facilitate more decentralized and secured social experiences.

Q: CyberConnect has recently launched link3.to. What could you tell us about link3.to?

Wilson: Please check out our official Twitter and the CyberConnect Link3 page for more information:

We are very excited to finally launch the project this week. Link3.to is the Web3.0 version and better alternative for Linktr.ee and has the potential to become a community-owned LinkedIn. Currently, link3.to is available for projects only to help them create their own link3.to profiles. Check out Project Galaxy’s link3 page https://link3.to/gal. We are currently working with many projects and receiving good feedbacks.

By the end of June, we are planning to launch link3.to profile for individual users. All address owners can create their own customizable social profiles to interact with others on link3.to and establish user-based Web3.0 identities. Stay tuned for updates on our link3.to project and invitational early pass!

Q: What is your thought on the current downturn of the cryptocurrency market? How is it going to affect the future of CyberConnect?

Wilson: We believe that the trend of Web3.0 as well as the fundamentals and technologies we are building will not change no matter how the market performs. CyberConnect has just closed its Series A fundraising. We have enough funds to sustain us for at least three to five years. However, it doesn’t mean we will only be here for three to five years. Our goal is to create value in the long term.

Community Question

Q: What is the long-term goal for Link3 and CyberConnect?

Wilson: For Link3, there are many ways to monetize in the future. At this stage, we are focused on building the product and expanding the use cases. I believe there is a huge space for Link3 to develop and monetize in the future. As for CyberConnect, we are going to issue our native governance token and utility token for the protocol. In the future, there will be an ecosystem around data-query, data-contribution, and data-indexing built upon the native tokens.

Q: What is the schedule for token launch?

Wilson: It will be soon! We are working on it and stay tuned!